Our products

Our main focus is the production of high-precision mechanical components, as individual pieces and in small series for various industries, including semiconductor, fibre optic, medical, cannery, rubber and plastic, and precision mechanical engineering. Many of our products require multiple consecutive processes. At G.S.M., we specialise in producing components that need further processing after hardening. For example, by grinding, hardened turning and/or milling, and EDM machining. But we are also the right place for manufacturing unhardened components, for example in steel, non-ferrous metals or modern plastics.

Are you specifically looking for ‘cleanly produced’ components? We are happy to help you with that as well! G.S.M. is accustomed to working according to the guidelines and specifications of UCV, and we can produce Grade 2 and 4 components for you on request.

In addition to the production of precision mechanical components, you can also rely on us for the production and revision of tools. These tools are used in various highly diverse industries. Examples of such tools include:

  • Moulds for the rubber and plastics industry,
  • Measuring and clamping jigs,
  • Special tools,
  • Cutting and bending dies and progressive tools.

Please contact us to discuss the various possibilities. We are happy to participate in your thought process!